Dan Bentley: Building Meaningful Relationships with Clients & Employees

Introducing Dan Bentley, an accomplished professional with over three decades of experience in the telecommunications industry. Dan started his career as a technician in 1991 and has since worked his way up to become an Area Manager. He is known for his exceptional service and ability to establish long-lasting relationships with clients, some of which have spanned over 20 years.

Dan is a people person and describes himself as approachable and close to his team. He is committed to their success and always goes the extra mile to ensure they have what they need to excel. Honesty, transparency, and effective communication are values that Dan holds dear, and he believes that constant feedback is essential to building strong relationships.

A job that makes him proud

When asked about Telecon Enterprise, Dan points to the company’s impressive coverage in the Atlantic and nationally. He is proud of Telecon’s excellent work, especially a major project on which he worked with most of the hospitals in the Atlantic region, to install structured cabling in three of the four Nova Scotia districts. Dan’s solid relationships with clients have been instrumental in securing new business in the medical field.

His passion for project management and mentoring

Dan’s passion lies in project management and mentoring. He loves to share his knowledge with the next generation, ensuring they have a clear direction and path to success. Dan manages a team of 18 people and establishes relationships with vendors to ensure optimal outcomes.

He sees his future at Telecon, a financially sound company with a stable and supportive working environment. He really likes his work and is dedicated to his team and the industry. Outside of work, Dan enjoys spending time with his family at his cottage.

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