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Our highly skilled Telecon Enterprise team delivers quality installation, maintenance and support of a full range of future-ready innovative and flexible in-building connectivity solutions and network appliances infrastructure adapted to our customers’ needs.

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Professional Audio-Visual

Audiovisual services provide scalable integration of content sharing devices with permanently installed display and sound solutions.
Today, videoconferencing and audio-visual services are driving discussions, improving education, and creating entertainment within a variety of locations ensuring business continuity and delivering a satisfying and effective experience for customers and employees alike.

When you work with Telecon, you gain access to nationwide resources to work on your building or multisite facilities. We can handle all your AV installation and integration needs nationwide. With our networking and certified structured cabling (AV&IT) expertise, we can help you right from the start of your project. Instead of wasting time with too many subcontractors or vendors, let Telecon Enterprise deliver all the services you need

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Managed Services

Managed services rely on a suite of specialized tools that monitor connected infrastructures, enabling real-time detection and even forecasting of incidents to prevent their recurrence as well as the onset of mission-critical issues that could have an impact on your business continuity.
This centralized approach simplifies operations by bringing monitoring, management, data storage and security under one roof, while enhancing the stability of your network, all of which adds up to reduced IT asset-management costs. We offer best-in-class support for any installed infrastructure for reactive, preventive or predictive maintenance, thereby boosting your IT staff’s productivity and efficiency.

We provide a team of dedicated professionals to oversee your IT assets to offer a peace of mind so you can focus on growing your business. The combination of managed services and our intelligent dispatch service ensures consistent, quality service across your facilities everywhere in Canada. When working with us, you are assured of constant monitoring of your environment, proactive management, strategic planning of all your IT needs and personalized support to optimize your operations. Telecon Enterprise is the ideal turnkey network connectivity partner for all your locations.

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Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is an organized approach to telecommunications cabling infrastructure allowing connection of organization’s various sites, from data centres to university campuses. Structured cabling systems are a network cabling solution that organizes your infrastructure.

This type of cabling causes less downtime because cables and ports are easier to locate. Service interruptions are also considerably reduced because the system is automated, so human error is minimal. It’s also much more visually appealing than traditional setups—no more nests of cables snaking all over the place!


Telecon is undoubtedly the structured cabling leader in Canada: we have contracts with all the major enterprise customers in the country, including Amazon and IBM and many others retail and construction businesses. With our teams able to deploy rapidly and efficiently, we are the most qualified experts to support you in the design, installation, and management of small, medium and major location or multi-site projects

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Professional Wi-Fi

Business Wi-Fi is typically installed in an office, retail store or large building. An access point connects to a wired router, switch or hub via an Ethernet cable and supplies a Wi-Fi signal to a dedicated area.

Installing a business network is now standard practice for companies, and a must for ensuring superior customer service and business growth. It’s a proven fact that customers are likely to take their business elsewhere if your network isn’t up to scratch. Plus, employees tend to use bandwidth-hungry applications, with multiple devices connected per user. Therefore, a well-performing network that operates without interruption has a considerable impact on employees’ work and on service delivered to your customers.


Telecon is your agile guide for all your connectivity needs. We have expertise in all necessary areas and can assist at all stages of your network project, from start to finish, with resources ready to deploy anywhere Canada. We offer hyper-secure, turnkey Wi-Fi services—that’s the core strength of our team.

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Data Center Infrastructure

A data center is a place grouping together the equipment constituting the information system of one or more enterprises.

Efficient infrastructures for your data center are indispensable for a company that wants to conduct its activities with peace of mind.


Based on our extensive experience, we easily understand the environments our clients work in and how important compliance rules are. The scale of our operations allows us to deliver 3,000 fusion splices in 2 weeks at competitive rates.

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Security Systems

A security system is a suite of tools that allow you to keep an eye on suppliers and employees comings-and-goings inside and outside a property via video signals transmitted to a monitor or bank of monitors.

Our range of security systems offers substantial savings and outstanding peace of mind, thanks in part to a real-time access log of data collected. Collecting evidence helps you reduce theft and deter intrusion


Other security service

It’s simple: Telecon’s strength is that we provide a single touchpoint for all services across Canada. Our unparalleled expertise in security systems and structured cabling contributes significantly to our ability to offer competitive pricing to the market and our size allows us to leverage deliver cost effective solutions.

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The Internet of Things and Automation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an infrastructure that delivers advanced services by interconnecting objects via information technology.

Leveraging the Internet of Things is fast becoming a well-entrenched solution for companies that want to lower operating costs and improve productivity, security and efficiency in the workplace by automating tasks and analyzing the data collected by their interconnected systems.

Telecon can assist you in installing everything you need to interconnect various connectivity systems within a building or to connect multiple sites nationwide. We can also guide you in managing the data collected across your network.


Smart Buildings

Telecon Enterprises is your dedicated partner in shaping the superstructure of tomorrow. Our customized Smart Build Solutions empower businesses and property owners to embrace the future, enhancing connectivity, security, efficiency, and profitability. With over 50 years of industry expertise, we have been a cornerstone in transforming traditional spaces into intelligent environments.


Elevate your property’s value by offering state-of-the-art technology amenities that attract tenants seeking the ultimate modern living experience. Our cutting edge solutions seamlessly integrate smart technologies, providing residents with unparalleled comfort, security, and connectivity. By offering these advanced features, you increase your property’s value and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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