Our Services

With a large national team of highly skilled employees, Telecon Enterprise can assist you in implementing specific or end-to-end innovative and flexible connectivity solutions adapted to your needs and means.

PoE LED Lighting

  • Design, Installation and Maintenance
  • Lighting using Ethernet Standards
  • Power and Data over Single-Layer Infrastructure
  • DC Power Usage - Ideal for LEDS
  • Low Voltage
  • Lights and sensors with IP adresses easy to configure
  • Future proof and upgradable
  • New builds and retrofit
potential energy savings on lighting
potential savings on total electricity consumption

Professional Wi-Fi Services

  • Turnkey Wi-Fi services, support and applications
  • Professional grade designs for an optimized Wi-Fi signal
  • Professional on-site survey (active, passive)
  • Access point installation and configuration
  • Wi-Fi as a service
  • Certified equipment and accredited commercial installation
  • Wi-Fi helpdesk and troubleshooting
  • Network optimization and repair
  • Monetization of Wi-Fi (user analytics and network health)
of clients leave if no free Wi-Fi access
of small businesses say offering Wi-FI has encouraged repeat business

CCTV and Security Systems

  • Intrusion prevention
  • 24/7, 365 monitoring services
  • Intercom
  • CCTV
  • Card Access System
  • Public Address Systems
$ B
lost by retailers to shoplifters each year
of retailers' revenue lost to employee theft

Structured Cabling

  • Structured cabling system design
  • BICSI/RCDD expertise
  • Structured cabling requirements preparation
  • Installation of copper and fibre optic cabling
  • Installation of air blown fibre
  • Installation of cable tray, racks and cabinets
  • Manufacturer certified installers offering OEM warranties
  • Cable certification and compliance testing
  • Project management services
  • OSP – Outside plant Copper & Fibre
$ B
Projected structured cabling market worth by 2020
fiber kilometers will be used worldwide this year

Data Center Infrastructure

  • Data Center design and installation services (assess, design, deploy)
  • Design & installation of pathway (fibre runner, trays)
  • Cabinets, fibre and copper Installation
  • Raised floor Installation
  • Real time DC monitoring
  • Thermal solutions (Containment)
  • Support & installation of physical security solutions
  • End to end Data Center infrastructure solutions
  • Maintenance services
  • Project coordination & oversight
$ B
will be spent in data centers worldwide in 2018
growth in data center construction expected in 2018

IoT and Automation

  • Design and installation of business and industrial IoT and Automation Systems
  • Embedding of physical devices, appliances and other items with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity to enable them to exchange data
  • Installation of remote control system and training of users
$ T
in IoT by 2020
IoT devices by 2020